• Amy Clark

Today’s Actions Create Conditions for Tomorrow

In this blog, I challenge our nonprofit leaders to consider how you are preparing your organization to thrive in the long term. Are you working in a crisis paradigm, unknowingly encouraging the urgency of working in the present? Are you so far ahead of your team that you struggle to bridge where they are at and where you want to be in the future? Is your organization ready for the next opportunity?

Sometimes leaders find ourselves churning trying to keep up with the daily demands of the tasks that are producing visible impact. The needs are so great and constant, we can often fall into a pattern that feels like stomping out fires and tackling whatever the day brings our way. We can keep up for a while, but it is common to hit a point where we realize that the pace is not sustainable.

On the flipside, we can become so future-focused that we reach too far ahead of the team forming a gap between the leader’s vision and the team’s understanding of their role in the present or future. This can create a chasm of frustration and disconnection.

“When opportunity comes it is too late to prepare”

--John Wooden

Strategic leadership requires the ability to understand the pressing needs and priorities of the short term, and to also maintain a keen awareness of how each action of today creates a condition for the organization you are creating for tomorrow.

  • Are you encouraging stagnation or innovation in the culture of your organization?

  • Is your board going through the motions or challenging the organization to be future-ready?

  • Does your team work in the day to day or do they know how they are leaders contributing to the vision?

  • Are your systems separated and dependent on several people or do they integrate and enhance the work of all the people?

The leaders of nonprofits are tackling complex problems that can only be accomplished through coordination of a diverse group of stakeholders. An important skill to master is the ability to prioritize the present needs while keeping an eye on the future; and then clearly defining why you are doing it all in the first place. When the leaders prune away the distractions and align with strategic clarity, they can anticipate an organization that will bloom.

Let’s connect and identify how to Awaken Potential within your nonprofit.


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