• Amy Clark

Seeing the Creative in Each Other

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

My rock stacks look pretty well thought out; you can see the meticulous manner in my approach to finding the right rock and the order I used to balance each one. I set out with the goal of wanting to tackle this favorite beach activity of mine. Even though one stack pushes the limits, it still has a resemblance to the others.

And then, you look at my son’s rock stack. It looks quite different than my towers and he had no intention of stacking rocks during this trip. He merely wanted to participate in the activity he saw me enjoying. There is a chaotic random sort of combination of rocks and formations in his creation, yet it works. In fact, it works beautifully.

Standing in the waters of Lake Michigan, I found this to be a powerful reflection; a moment to concretely see the beauty in doing things differently. An opportunity to find joy in understanding each other and appreciating our differences.

I challenge you to look for these moments, whether it be in a meeting, during a project, or when quietly reflecting on your day.

Moments when you can see the uniqueness of each member of your team; moments when you can find joy in someone who was able to test a different approach to the task at hand.

Cherishing each other, recognizing our creativity, and stepping back enough to let the good stuff get built, forms a magnetic team energy. It doesn't get much better than that.

Take on your day, and Awaken your Potential


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