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Life in Little Bound Books

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

How often do we forget about all the small moments that brought us to our present point in life?

Here I am again, that time torn between excitement and letting go when I need to shop for the next journal. Each one holds documentation of the path I’ve been led through for different seasons of life. My journals are so comforting in the clear revealing of purpose, healing, love, and life in general; that I don’t want the pages to fill, I don’t want to let them go. By now I’ve learned that it will capture pain, wisdom, prayer, art and a peaceful comfort on its pages that I can choose whether or not to re-live.

I began to journal sixteen years ago as an expectant mom, hoping to capture every special moment of my beautiful baby’s life for her to read someday down the road. I found myself not only capturing the glorious times, but also the worries, the fear I faced as a parent and the ups and downs of my personal shifts. Then there was a book about keeping two alive and then three that all have been entrusted to me to thrive! Those journals hold seasons of my life I could never quite recall well if I had only relied on my selective memory. Reading through days of pure joy, and the ongoing struggles I made it through, helps ground my perspective in the present and acknowledge my gratitude for all I’ve been given.

Those pages offer record of an intentional practice of processing through the past and present life moments with a therapeutic quality of having it written on paper. Meditations before big meetings and processing big career moments are all on the pages.

Revisiting these many books and pages time and time again are the most helpful parts of journaling becuase I can tangibly see progress, answered prayers, or reset myself to remember how to get back on the right track when I veer away.

So here I go again, ready to wrap up a huge season of my life, and not so coincidentally my latest journal has only a few pages left. It is time to start a new book and be open to what the next season will bring. Time to cannonball into the unknown, faithful it will be fantastic (and hard and growth filled and lovely all the same)!

How fun to have an eclectic collection of little bound books to remember these personal and professional moments in life. Take on your day, awaken your potential!

Amy Clark

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