• Amy Clark

Embracing Transition

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Why do we tend to internally resist transition? Even when we intentionally attend workshops or read books to help us grow, we can very easily lean towards our familiar comfortable ways of navigating the world.

When we can submit to openheartedly investing in personal work and self-care, we can build upon it and integrate it deeper into our lives at each pass. All of which are important factors to bring into the formula for managing a personal transition. The human side of succession planning requires a holistic approach.

The crazy thing about going through a big transitin is facing what we think we know. When we get to the point where deeper understandings are revealed to us, we experience the transformative power of reflection. It can be easy to focus on what we must give up when considering a leadership transition. We have so much to gain if we open ourselves to receive what's on the other side of letting go.

We all will have a time when we know change is needed. However, we are also very good at convincing ourselves that the very change we feel we need to make is untouchable.

There are a multitude of reasons why making a big transition feels like it won’t work. In fact, it can feel like a taboo topic to even broach when caught up in a successful rhythm of leadership. The Executive Succession Planning Guide mentions "Succession planning has many benefits. First of all, it gets us beyond an ugly truth that we typically avoid: All careers end in a transition, eventually. It’s just a question of when, how, and how well the transition is managed."

Imagine the freedom found in flipping the focus towards; how can we strategically and openly approach succession in our organization? What if we consider building the groundwork for an exit in real time as we lead? Leadership is an ongoing process of learning and mentoring, giving and receiving, visioning and collaborating to bring action to a shared purpose.

Consider this quote from J.C. Watts, “It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on, it takes a lot of strength to let go”.

Preparing your organization well for leadership transition is not weakness in letting go, it is strength in preparing the next wave of leaders on your team to rise up.

Go take on your day, and Awaken your Potential!


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