• Amy Clark

Capturing True Connection

I am the type of person that will jump in and try any new program, application, software or platform to see what amazing new technological capabilities it can provide for my work and my personal life. I have great comfort in testing by doing, learning by immersion, and switching it up when it's not working.

I also think technology has an effect similar to waves and undertows. It can sweep you up and draw you in, and before you know it, you are surrounded in all directions with only waves and water. The lighthouse, that was your landmark, gets further and further away. The lighthouse is that point of certainty, that place of knowing where to ground yourself in something reliable, tangible, and strong. In the same way, we can get swept up in letting technology suck us in and pull us further and further from authentic human connection and social interaction.

But, the world tells us that to keep up, we have to be everywhere, all the time…

Virtual interaction can augment, but cannot replicate the beauty of being in the presence of one another; feeling someone's attention that is given to you, and yours to them, embracing their little gestures and qualities of being. Time can span, and our technology tools keep us together when we are far apart, as long as we remember precious connection is often found when we are physically present with one another.

The world tells us to do more, do it faster, and to keep going ,going, going before someone else beats you there. Yes, we want to do big things, after all, that means good can multiply and create more good, right?

Well, yes, until all that going and going, and faster and faster sweeps us away from our lighthouse. True meaning and purpose can be lived out through our work, but isn’t found in our work. The waves can fool you for awhile by washing you up near the lighthouse where you may think you are on solid ground, but eventually, without the precious kind of connection, you will find the slippery jagged rocks beneath you.

The funny thing is that capturing true connection is within your reach every day. It inevitably will interrupt some sort of plan, put a dent in your wallet, or cause you to sacrifice something you think is important (like time). But showing up, in person, open hearted and attentive, is worth it. Let yourself be seen, open your heart to see the other person, and the rest will fall into place.

Technology can be an incredible vehicle for good, when we remember it isn’t a substitute for our human need to connect. These advanced tools are one of the best ways to bring people together, disseminate amazing bodies of information, learn, and collaborate over logistical hurdles. But, we also need to make a point to seek opportunities for the face to face moments, even if they are few and far between.

I challenge you to make time to be present with someone and embrace all the nuances of their story, share in a hug, or a tender hand in yours, and you will be reminded of how much we are all journeying together. You will be reminded of what truly matters and as Brene’ Brown teaches us, how we are all "hardwired for connection". And then, we can download that new software to harness all of our creative ideas!

Take on your day, and Awaken your Potential!


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