Are you a leader who feels like you're on an island by yourself or completely exhausted?

Are you ready to build more depth of  practice into your team, operations and programs? 


Are you anticipating a leadership transition soon? 


Creative Reach offers the right mix of coaching, project based work and

leadership support to help you and your mission thrive.

Amy Clark, Owner

Amy is a visionary leader who brings a breadth of national experience that has forged many new programs, teams and communities along the way.  Her enthusiasm to get to the heart of the big idea and then build teams, programs and systems to bring it to life, is evident in her inclusive approach. 


Amy holds the ability to see the big picture and dive deep into the purpose of the job at hand.  Throughout Amy’s professional career, she continuously demonstrates a growth mindset and delivers a well thought out work product.  Her years working in healthcare, nonprofit staffing and in executive leadership have honed her skills to be resourceful and creative when solving problems and tackling projects.   


Amy is a wise, calm, direct and tactful leader that comes alongside clients to awaken their potential.  She provides you with a comprehensive product that is going to make sense for you and your organization.  She draws upon her networks and invites team members with specific content expertise to collaborate on projects for optimal results.

The circle reflects a belief that we are all connected and  journeying together

The woven fibers express strength when we join our creative gifts with those of others

The earth tones ground us in our humanity and our shared beginnings

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